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Aboriginal Artists in Action
Aboriginal Artists in Action
Welcome to our Aboriginal Artists gallery. Here you will find images of many of the leading Aboriginal Artists doing what they do best...Painting their stories and producing some of the finest Aboriginal Art available anywhere in the world!
These images were taken in our Gallery in Kununurra in the magnificent Kimberley Region of Western Australia.  Many of the artists work “in house” giving visitors to the gallery the opportunity to witness the creation of these beautiful artworks.
We hope you enjoy this insight into how the artists work and hopefully this will enhance your appreciation of this truly unique art movement.
Feel free to click on any of the photos to view a larger version that will pop up in a separate window.
Hover your cursor over the image for more details about that particular image.
Check back often as we will continuly be updating this photo gallery with new images!
You may also like to have a look at our Aboriginal Art Tube video section where we feature videos of the Aboriginal artists painting and talking about their artworks and life.
Tommy with finished work and the commenting “No wonder a man has a bad back!” Left to Right – Wayne Nulgit, his daughter April Carrington-Nulgit and wife/ Charlene Carrington.  Charlene is one of the most successful third generation artists and April at age eleven has inherited the talent of her family.  See our painting gallery for her works. Shirley Purdie with a work of the same theme that was hung in Telstra Awards 2006, always complete with a contingent of grandchildren. Lorraine Daylight with her sixth child, the absolutely gorgeous “Frank”.  When we asked her husband Christopher Churchill if that was the “last”, he replied “Seven is a lucky number”.

Great dot art from Billy Duncan, pictured with his wife Bessie Malarvie and little granddaughter. The “girls” giving an impromptu performance singing with clapsticks – (Left to right)  Peggy Patrick, Goody Barratt and Phyllis Thomas. Two talented artists – June Peters on the left and her friend Sandra Sampi on the right.  Tommy Carroll taking this one very seriously

Gordon Barney working, Rusty Peters socialising. Lily Karadada – the Master of Works on Bark Phyllis Thomas painting a very significant work, Daiwal (Barramundi Dreaming) Women’s Body Paint Classic photograph of the famous Peggy Patrick painting with a broken thumb – nothing stops Peggy.

 Two legendary ochre artists painting together – Lily Karadada and Churchill Cann Passing down the stories – Charlene Carrington discussing the subject of her next painting with her father, International Artist Churchill Cann. A great shot of Mark Nodea’s flamboyant ochre blending technique Mark Nodea – ochre on plyboard – a Tribute to the late Jack Britten

Didgeridoo and Viola – two Masters - a very memorable session. Beerbee Mungnari working, Jock Mosquito having a break. Christopher Churchill – building up the ochre in style. Jock Mosquito – always a pleasure to have him visit.

Tommy Carroll painting huge canvas outside – enjoying the fresh air and the company. Tommy Carroll – one of our most consistent artists over the years. The late Tiger Moore – an absolutely “gentle” man and sadly missed.  Always humming a tune and asking “Got a Board for me, Missus?” Jack Britten (c1921-2002) with a rare old figurative work, canvas on plyboard, stretched and painted by Jack at Frog Hollow Community.

Charlene Carrington concentrating on a  work of Purnululu, using the etching technique taught to her by Jack.


The Gallery Boss


Despatch Quality Control – Maggie with Australian Air Express representative Julie. Cuddle time with Shirley Purdie’s granddaughter.  “So what’s the story on this one Jock?”  Jock Mosquito and Maggie. Maggie checking out the dotting on Katie Cox’s “Needle Point”

Ju Ju Wilson with hand painted gifts….and Maggie checking designs. Maggie overseeing her “best mate” and a new work – Phyllis Thomas


More Artists in Action


   Stan Brumby painting his very own Wolf Crater country in ochre (lunchtime).

not an artist but a very old friend saying hello – gentleman Sandy Thomas.  Madigan Thomas’ husband and Shirley Purdie’s father (both International Ochre Artists). Mabel Juli with her wonderful “Moon and Star Dreaming” design. The very distinctive swirling ochre style of Churchill Cann Charlene finished and ready to start a larger work next day.

Charlene Carrington painting her country – Texas Downs Station.


Churchill Cann
Churchill Cann inspecting the new second floor of our main gallery in Kununurra on 20 March 2007 (we are still trying to hang all the stock to be ready for our Season commencing soon in the East Kimberley.

A work by Jack top left, figurative works by the late Tiger Moore and one of Beerbee Mungnari’s in the foreground One hand on a painting by Henry Wambini (dcsd.) and standing in front of a work by Jack Britten (dcsd.) – both great friends of Churchill’s Old memories – Churchill gazing at a work by his late friend – Hector Jandany. Religious Figurative piece for which Hector was famous and painted many for the Ngalangangpum School at Turkey Creek.  He remarked at the works by George Wallaby and Paddy Carlton (both deceased) and said he had never worked with them as a stockman but called them his brothers. With three paintings by his nephew, Mark Nodea and a diptych by Charlene

Churchill inspecting his daughter Charlene’s works about to be hung


Kimberley Artist Wins Major Art Award
Congratulations to Shirley Purdie, Chairperson of Warmun Community in the East Kimberley, on winning the prestigious Blake Prize for Religious Art (announced August 29th 2007) with her painting in traditional ochre medium depicting the Christian Stations of the Cross.  A wonderful honour and well deserved, from a record number of over 500 entries.
Shirley Purdie (right) with her mother and fellow artist Madigan Thomas
Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery, 2007