This category contains Aboriginal artworks under $500. They can be from any region of Australia and the medium can be acrylic, ochre, mixed or any other variation and can be produced on canvas, paper or bark.

We will start with 8 Aboriginal paintings, 4 will then be eliminated before another round will reduce the number to just 2 and then we will battle to crown the artwork of the year winner based on your votes and what you like best!

To all those that voted thank you very much and regardless of if you have voted or not, look out for our posts for those artworks still to be voted on.

You don’t have to have voted in the first round to vote in any future rounds. Any time there is a battle you can vote towards the winner!

If you miss the post or it doesn’t show in your Facebook News Feed, you can always come to this page and there will be links to any art battles that are active at the time. 

Thanks again for voting in the Artlandish Epic Aboriginal Artwork Battles of 2016!

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