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Decorating your home is one of the most inspiring and satisfying undertakings you can experience. From the furnishings to the art you choose to hang on your wall, it says everything about you and what is aesthetically pleasing to your soul. Our homes are a reflection on us. It is a place to surround ourselves with what makes us feel happy, inspired and content.

We all know and love the feeling that art brings to our soul. When we immerse ourselves into a painting that is visually pleasing it stimulates the release of endorphins, reducing tension and anxiety. It raises serotonin (feel good chemicals) and reduces cortisol, (stress hormone) levels.

Beautiful art and culture enrich our lives and boost our wellbeing. A simple painting hanging on the wall has the power to cheer the spirit and enliven our home. Art can arouse emotion, incite conversation, and inspire us daily.

Aboriginal Art is so diverse, there is literally something for everyone’s taste. From traditional, natural textures and colours of Ochre art to vibrant acrylic art. The variety is immense.


Aboriginal Art in the office
Aboriginal Art Bedroom
Aboriginal Art in the home


The added pleasure of Aboriginal art is the Story/Dreaming that comes with every piece. It is so captivating and makes for the whole experience, giving a complete understanding and appreciation of the artwork. It will inspire many a conversation through the fascinating Stories/Dreaming of the land, events, customs, ceremonies survival, and beliefs in the Dreamtime mythology of the Aboriginal People. They are handed down through generations to preserve our First Nations Culture.

The process of choosing art for your home should be thoughtful and enjoyable. There is much to think about from the colourings of your home, walls, timbers to the furnishings. You want to decide on pieces that will enhance your home and create focal points in the rooms you live in and enjoy.

Most people don’t think about the simpler rooms such as living and entrance areas. Try to think of all the rooms that you appreciate and spend time in. The kitchen is a place of creativity and social interactions. A perfect spot to hang a stunning invoking artwork. Think about a beautiful, serene painting in your bedroom or bathroom.

Something to appreciate and admire whilst lying in bed or soaking in the tub is a pure indulgence. Living and dining areas are also perfect places to display and enjoy stunning Aboriginal artworks. The same goes for studies and work areas. These places are often overlooked but equally as important to decorate.


Aboriginal Art in the work office
Loungeroom Aboriginal art
Aboriginal Art in the workplace


Art is such a powerful statement in any room. It sets the tone for everything else. In many ways furniture is relatively transient whereas art is treasured and passed down from generation to generation.

Adding Aboriginal art to your home or workspace will bring a welcoming and unique vibe to your way of living.


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