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There is a distinctive artistic expression found deep within Australia that has captured the attention of both art fans and cultural historians. This is the realm of Australian Indigenous bark painting, a long-standing custom practised by the country’s indigenous people.

Bark paintings are more than just artworks; they offer a window into the spirit of the oldest living culture in the world. They are created on the inner bark of trees and reverberate with the resonances of ancient legends and practises.


Historical Synopsis

Bark painting’s roots lie in the customs of Indigenous communities, particularly those from the Top End and parts of Arnhem Land. These people have been creating artistic works for millennia, telling tales of creation, land rules, and ancestral spirits on the bark of trees.


The Method for Painting Bark

Painting with bark requires a methodical and meticulous process:

Gathering Bark: The Stringybark tree is the best choice for these artistic creations. During the dry season, artists select the ideal tree, remove its bark, and make sure the tree is not harmed.

Canvas preparation involves softening the bark over a fire and then flattening it using weights. It becomes a ready canvas after it dries.

Natural Pigments: To generate a variety of colours, artists utilise ochres, which are natural earth pigments. To make paint, these ochres are ground into a powder and combined with a binding agent, usually water or natural resins.


Wandjina Bark Painting


Style Components and Subjects

Bark paintings frequently feature a variety of symbols and motifs specific to the clan and area of the artist. Typical themes consist of:

Ancestral Beings: Stories from the “Dreaming,” a complex web of beliefs describing the universe’s birth and structure, are portrayed in many bark paintings.

Everyday Life: Hunting, dancing, and ceremonial scenes are regularly seen.

Flora and Fauna: Extensive illustrations of animals, birds, and plants are frequently seen on bark, reflecting Australia’s vast variety.

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Importance in the Modern Era

Indigenous bark paintings are extremely valuable in the current global art market. They are praised for their ability to communicate complex cultural tales in addition to their visual beauty. Major collections that demonstrate the development of this art form throughout the years are held by organisations like the National Gallery of Australia and the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory.

Furthermore, in order to keep this antiquated art form alive and vibrant, contemporary Indigenous artists are incorporating contemporary themes and methods into their bark paintings.


Australian Indigenous Bark painting

Bark is Best!

Australian aboriginal people’s bark paintings are a monument to their rich culture, spirituality, and ties to the land. These paintings serve as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of conserving and comprehending regional customs and stories as the world grows more interconnected. Every painted piece of bark carries a history, a story, and a pulse unique to the Indigenous people.


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