1. The essays can be on any topic within the subject of Indigenous Australian Aboriginal Art & Artists.

Here are some essay questions we compiled that you are most welcome to use:

  • Your favourite Aboriginal Artist and why (Click to see a Selection of Artist’s Bio’s)
  • Your favourite Aboriginal Painting and why (Click to view over 1000 Aboriginal Artworks)
  • Imagine I’d never heard of Aboriginal Art before, please explain it to me?
  • You’ve been given a job running an Aboriginal Art Exhibition in New York. You have to sell the paintings on display. What would you say to convince these art loving New Yorkers they should invest in putting some Aboriginal Art on their walls?


More resources can be found online, through Google and here:



Artlandish Aboriginal Art online Library 


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose your own topic you’ll need to notify us before you begin so we can check to make sure it falls within the scope of this project as well as to ensure that cultural standards and sensitivities are being met and accounted for. Thank you.  



2. The Essay needs to be a minimum of 200 words or 1200 characters. There is no maximum length.

We would appreciate if teachers apply their own standards here and there is no issue if older students do a lower word count due to constraints around having time for the classes participation in this contest.

Please note this when submitting your class entries.


Images: Images should not be an integral part of an individual submission. The entry would also need to make sense without images present. The reason we are discouraging the use of images is most images students would use will have potential copyright issues.

If you have images or drawings, paintings, sketches etc where the entrant has clear ownership then by all means include them if you wish but this is first and foremost an essay contest and images will not hold any extra weight at all. 


3. The essay needs to be 100% unique information and should not be copied from any online source. Online sources most certainly can be used and referenced and even quoted (within reason and normal scope) but the content must be the students own work in their own words.


4. IMPORTANT NOTE: All essays need to pass Copyscape tests for uniqueness! All essays will be checked using the copyscape system for duplicate content so please ensure students do not copy verbatim from online sources in large volume.


5. Please note when we refer to Aboriginal Art and Aboriginal Artists we are referring to the indigenous people of Australia and they should be the subject matter of all essays. Please be careful not to confuse the Aboriginal people of Australia with the Aboriginal people of Canada.


6. The competition is open to students from grade 5 up as long as there is a school and teacher nominated at the time.


7. All entries should be produced and submitted electronically. Formats such as Microsoft word or Google Docs / Drive are preferred. If you have any doubts please contact us first to ensure we can accept your preferred format. 


To submit entries you can use the following URL. You don’t need to have a dropbox account to use this service. 


8. All prize values are in Australian Dollars (AUD)


9. First prize is an authentic, original Aboriginal Artwork valued at $1,895 which will be given to the school or other educational facility with the winning student entry.


The winning student will receive a JB Hi-Fi gift voucher worth $150.


The teacher with the best overall class of entries as judged by the Artlandish staff will receive a $300 universal gift voucher. (universal as in it can be used nearly anywhere)

Please Note:
This is not necessarily the teacher of the winning entry. This is judged separately and on its own merits.


If you have any questions please contact us


Thank you and good luck! 🙂


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