There has never been a smarter or better time to buy Authentic Aboriginal Art for your business than right NOW with the government’s current $20,000, 100% tax deduction incentive.

Original Australian Aboriginal Art will transform your office space into a beautiful, memorable and educational experience for both your clients and employees.

So with the extension of the Australian federal government’s $20,000 asset write-off, now is a great time to purchase artworks for your workplace.

Artworks with an individual value of up to $20,000 can be 100% written off and there is no limit to how many works a business can claim.

This means you can buy and claim a 100% deduction this year on as many individual pieces of art as you like, up to the value of $20,000 per piece.


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Anna Price Petyarre My Country

Anna Price Petyarre – My Country                                                                                                                         Anna Price Petyarre – My Country

To give you an example of how this works, say you purchased 4 artworks priced at 12K each totalling 48K, all 4 artworks would qualify because each painting costs less than $20,000.

Each magnificent Aboriginal Painting shares the Dreaming, Stories & Ancestral History of Australia’s Indigenous People dating back up to 60,000 years.

It is imperative to pass on this information to as many people as possible to preserve their culture.

Indigenous art is centred on storytelling. It is used as a chronical to convey knowledge of the land, events and beliefs of the Aboriginal people.


Artlandish has been in business since 2001. We are also a member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia. (AAAA) and original signee to The Indigenous Art Code of Australia and we abide by their strict protocols.

This mantra has meant that so far, we have paid local artists well over $2.5 million and that money has directly helped hundreds of Indigenous families and communities over many years.

With all our artworks we supply a certificate of authenticity, the story behind the painting, the artist’s biography, free shipping worldwide and a 100% money back guarantee.


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Melanie Hava – Red Kangaroo                                                                                    Charlene Carrington – Purnululu


Speak to your accountant about this incredible tax break opportunity which applies to small businesses with less the 10 million dollars annual turnover.

Consider purchasing Aboriginal art for your business as an aesthetic investment. If you buy a quality, original piece, the work’s value will remain or, even better, increase over time. Plus, you get to deduct 100% under this current government rebate offer!

This amazing offer applies to artworks purchased up to the 30th of June 2019. After the 1st of July 2019 the threshold reduces to only $1000.

For more details you can visit the Australian Government $20,000 tax incentive web page or feel free to contact us to discuss further.


Visit our online gallery to view more than 700 potential acquisitions from more than 80 different artists from all regions of Australia.

You’ll find artworks starting from just $160 across acrylic & ochre mediums, in various sizes & configurations and you’re guaranteed to find something you love or know will be just perfect for your premises.

There’s never been a better time to buy Authentic Aboriginal Art for your business than right now! Take advantage of this unique window of opportunity today!


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Rosemary Petyarre – Bush Leaves                                               Anna Price Petyarre – My Country / Springtime Series


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