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Alvira Bird Mpetyane / Women’s Ceremony (1A)

196cm x 88cm Acrylic on Canvas

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Born in 1984, Alvira is the talented daughter of artist Eileen Bird and the late Paddy Bird. Her grandmother was Ada Bird Petyarre, senior law woman and highly respected artist from Utopia.

Alvira come from one of Australia’s most famous painting families which include the likes of Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Minnie Pwerle and Kathleen Petyarre. She was encouraged by both her mother and father, as well as grandmother and aunties, to paint from a young age.

Alviria currently lives Mulga Bore, Utopia, NT with her husband and children.


The designs in Alvira’s painting represent Women’s Ceremony and Body Paint Designs. The designs are painted onto the chest, arms and legs of the women using yellow, black and white ochres. The women sing songs associated with their dreaming as each woman is painted.
The black dots represent the bush plum, white dots represent the seeds of the rat-tail plant and the yellow dots represent the mulga seed. These plants are all highly sort after by the desert woman as food and medicine. Ceremony is performed to pay homage to the spirit of these special plants in the hope that they will regenerate.

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