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April Nulgit / Ngarrgaroon Country – Kangaroo Dreaming (18302)

60cm x 90cm Ochre on Canvas

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April Nulgit was born on the 11th April 1995, in an ambulance on the way from Warmun Community to Kununurra Hospital. She is the eldest child of Charlene Carrington and Wayne Nulgit. April is Gija on her mother’s side and Ngarinyin on her father’s side. This enables April to extend her artistic content to embrace both Gija land and her father’s country around Derby in the West Kimberley.

April is the youngest artist from one of the most talented families of Ochre Painters in the East Kimberley. Her great-grandmother Betty Carrington commenced painting late in life but is an established Senior artist; her Ganggayi (grandmother) Sade Carrington is an International Artist; her mother Charlene Carrington is one of the most outstanding of the Third Generation ochre artists. Her late grandfather Churchill Cann was known throughout the world and his paintings are included in the most important private and corporate collections. Her great-grandfather was Beerbee Mungnari, also of International standing and the last of the Elder Ochre Artists who painted with the likes of Rover Thomas, Jack Britten, Paddy Jampinji and George Mung Mung. April now forms the fourth generation of talented artists in her family.

April painted her first artwork for Artlandish when she was 9 years old, the painting was kept by the gallery and hangs proudly in their private collection. April had spent her childhood watching her talented family and it was obvious that this young girl had inherited their talent. Over the years April would paint for the gallery in school holidays, using the funds from her artworks to buy food for all the camp dogs at Warmun – this love of animals has remained and April hopes to one day work in the veterinary field.

The Carrington family are all from Texas Downs Station, to the East of Warmun Community, Turkey Creek. Texas Downs has produced an amazing number of famous Australian artists, and the family has passed the knowledge and Traditions of their country to the younger generations. April spends many weekends at Texas Downs with her family, which now includes her own two beautiful little girls. She remembers going to Texas as a little girl herself, and spending hours looking at the colours changing on the hills and thinking how lucky she was to call this place home.

In 2018, artworks by April were selected for the Revealed exhibition in Perth. Soon after she was represented in the hugely successful travelling exhibition Stories and Structures – New Connections.

April completed her high school education at St Mary’s College in Broome. She is an intelligent, talented young lady who has the world at her feet and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Within my artwork I have depicted the country and landscape of a place known as Texas Downs Station, we call it “Ngarrgaroon”. This is my mother’s country – throughout my childhood I remember going to Texas during the school holidays with my whole family. We would spend our days fishing and swimming while the boys would go out hunting.

Seen on the left side of the artworks stands two hills – this is the place for Kangaroo Dreaming. In the Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming) there were two kangaroos – Jallangngenung, a grey kangaroo with short arms, and Jirrgan, a big red kangaroo with long arms. They had collected Kirring (sugarbag, wild honey) from holes in the hills. Jirrgan was greedy and using his long arms to dig out the Kirring, he ate it all up. This made Jallangngenung wild with anger. Both kangaroos grabbed their nulla nullas (fighting sticks) and had a big fight. Jirrgan, the greedy one, won the fight and Jallangngenung ran away. As he ran away he threw his nulla nulla behind him, which became his tail. Jirrgan did the same thing. Jallangngenung said to Jirrgan – “I’m going to live in the hills, surrounded by spinifex, where are you going to live?” Jirrgan, the greedy one, said “I’m going to live in the black soil country (in the plains)”. That is where you see these kangaroos today and there are many kangaroos in this part of the country on Texas Downs Station.

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