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Fiona Napangardi Williams / Honey Ant Dreaming (1A)

30cm x 30cm Acrylic on Canvas


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Artwork is accompanied by Warlukurlangu Artists (Yuendumu) Art Centre Certificate of Authenticity/Provenance

Fiona Napangardi Williams was born in 1987 in Alice Springs Hospital, the closest hospital to Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal community located 290 km north-west of Alice Springs in the NT of Australia. Fiona went to the local school and graduated in her 10th year of schooling. She was brought up by two families and shared her time in both Yuendumu and Nyriipi, an Aboriginal community 150 km west of Yuendumu. She is now married and lives with her husband and two daughters and one son in Nyriipi.

Fiona has been painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation since 2012. Fiona attended a workshop in 2012 and enjoyed it so much she has been regularly painting since then. She paints her Father’s Jukurrpa, Yurrampi Jukurrpa (Honey Ant Dreaming), Dreamings which have been passed down through the generations for millennia. Fiona uses an unrestricted palette to develop a modern interpretation of her traditional culture.

Fiona enjoys painting alone as she finds it very meditative. However, when she is not painting she enjoys hunting with the community.

Honey ants are a much prized delicacy, considered to be well worth the enormous effort it takes to dig them out of the ground. The ants dig tunnels quite deep under the ground in ‘jirrijirrinpa’ (mulga woodland) country. Branching from these passage ways are chambers (‘mingki’), from the ceiling of which the honey ants are suspended, full of food. With their swollen abdomens, the ants are unable to move.

The country associated with this Jukurrpa is Wanakurdpanda, east of Yuendumu. This Jukurrpa also travels through Yuendumu, and belongs to Japangardi/Japanangka men and Napangardi/Napanangka women.

Honey ants can be identified by a little yellow stripe on their backs.

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