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Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri / Women’s Ceremony (GG013)

90cm x 150cm Acrylic on Canvas

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Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri was born c. 1970 at Papunya, NT. She lives with her husband and extended family at Kintore Community.

Glenys is a wonderfully talented artist from an extended family of renowned artists. She is the daughter of one of Australia’s most acclaimed painters, the late Ningurra Napurrula.  Like her mother before her, Glenys observed the memorable male artists who were founding members of the Papunya Tula Art Centre however developed her artistic style from Ningura and other female relatives. Her works are dynamic in execution and reflect her talent as a true artist sure to succeed.


Striking colours and heavy dot work are used to depict traditional sacred women’s sites in the Kintore area, which is located 250km west of Glenys’s birthplace. The concentric circles commonly seen in her paintings represent the important ceremonial sites for Glenys and her ancestors and the connecting lines between the circles are the ancient travelling paths that lead to these sites. These were established as an indicator for the passage from one site to the next during ceremony.

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