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June Peters / Turner River Country (2A)

100cm x 100cm Ochre on Canvas

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June was born on Texas Downs Station in 1962.  She lost both her mother and father at a very young age however the late Madigan Thomas (Senior ochre artist) and her husband Sandy Thomas, a Traditional Elder, brought her up and treat her like a daughter.

She lives in Kununurra, has eight children and two grandchildren and visits her relatives at Warmun frequently.

She was from an early age taught painting by the best of our famous first generation ochre artists, including Jack Britten, Madigan Thomas and Lena Nyadbi. These Elders devoted their lives to teaching youngsters culture, Traditional Dreamtime stories and ochre painting technique. June is the niece of our most famous ochre artist, Rover Thomas.  June’s mother was one of five sisters (Rita being Rover’s wife) and every one of these women, all from Texas Downs Station, have produced highly talented artists. June’s eldest daughter Deanne is following in her mother’s footsteps and is an accomplished artist. June has an extended family, and through her mother, father, aunties and uncles, is able to paint the huge expanse of Kitja land, including Texas Downs, Purnululu and Doon Doon.  This gives the artist a wonderful content for her works, and June is fastidious about the Kitja Dreaming Stories represented in her paintings.  She travels extensively in her country, and paints with precision and authenticity. June paints both in the typical Warmun style (thick bulked ochre), as well as fine, detailed works in minimal palette and on occasion, wonderful works using the acrylic medium.  June’s work has been quickly noticed and purchased by astute collectors and included in exhibitions at Australian galleries such as Japingka Gallery in Perth and Harrison Galleries and Gallery Tjukurrpa in Sydney plus international galleries in France, The Netherlands and USA. June has a promising future and her paintings now hang with the best of her famous relatives.

This is my family’s country in Purnululu (Bungle Bungles). Kartang Rija is the Aboriginal name for Turner River Station. This is an Aboriginal community now, and the cattle stations around here have gone long time ago. Lots of big creeks here with water all year round. It is very beautiful with the little round all over the place. We still come here for camping and good fishing at holiday time with our children and grandchildren. Visitors from all over Australia and the world come here too. Our old people say the Goolabool (Rainbow Serpent) made the creeks and the tracks between the mountains, and the big round rocks are his eggs that he left in his travels right across our land.

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