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Kathleen Petyarre / My Country – Bush Seeds (2B)

90cm x 60cm Acrylic on Canvas

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Kathleen began to learn batik in the early 1970’s and her artistic mediums developed from there. Kathleen’s paintings represent her dreaming and her country in various forms; lizard tracks, sand hills, bush seeds, watercourses and rock holes, sandstorms & hailstorms. Her latest acclaimed works are painted by finely grouping and layering tiny dots, applied with the point of a fine stick. 
Kathleen has travelled overseas extensively with her art and is the winner of several major art awards and is hung in major galleries around the world. Kathleen is the niece of Emily Kngwarreye and one of seven artistic sisters, including Gloria Petyarre, Nancy Petyarre, Jean Petyarre, Myrtle Petyarre, Violet Petyarre and Ada Bird. 
Selected Collections
• Paintings Collection of H. M. Queen Elizabeth 11 National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia 
• The Kerry Stokes Collection, Perth, WA, Australia. 
• The Museum & Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT., Australia. 
• Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, S.A. Australia. 
• Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide, S.A. Australia 
• The Kluge-Rhue Collection, University of West Virginia, VA, USA. 
• The Kelton Foundation, Los Angeles, CA., USA. 
• The Levi-Kaplan Collection, Seattle, WA., USA 
• A.T.S.I.C. Collection, Adelaide, S.A. Australia. 
• National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Vic. Australia. 
• Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 
• University of South Australia Art Museum, Adelaide, S.A. Australia. 
• Riddoch Regional Art Gallery, Mount Gambier, S.A. Australia. 
• Edith Cowan University, Perth, W.A. Australia. 
• Collection de Musee des Arts d’Afrique et d’Oceanie, Paris, France. 
• Peabody – Essex Anthropology and Ethnology Museum, Harvard University, Salem, Mass., USA. 

My Country – Bush Seeds represents an aerial view composition of Kathleen’s scared dreaming site of Mountain Devil Lizard in the vicinity of Mosquito Bore on Utopia Station in the Eastern Desert of Central Australia. It is here on the site of the Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming that the men and women of the Eastern Anmatyerre language conduct important secret and sacred initiation ceremonies. This Dreaming site is situated in the artist’s father’s country and the general locality is identified by a group of sand hills that rise majestically from the desert floor represented in the painting by the prominent parallel lines. The painting portrays the area scattered with seeds, summer bush flowers and Spinifex grasses. The sand hills represent a sacred Women’s Dreaming site associated with the green pea (antweth). The seeds (ntang) depicted throughout the painting are of the green pea that are an important food source for the “traditional healer” (ngangkar) and the Mountain Devil Lizard (Arnkerrth).

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