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Michelle Possum Nungurrayi / Women’s Dreaming (10D)

140cm x 80cm Acrylic on Canvas 


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Michelle Possum Nungurrayi was born in 1969, the younger daughter of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and Emily Nakamarra. She is of the Anmatyerre Tribe and grew up at Mt. Allen & Napperby “in the bush way”. She now resides in Melbourne with her family. Her older sister is Gabriella Possum, who is also a highly sought after artist, represented in major collections within Australia and Internationally. Their late father, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri AO, is one of Australia’s most celebrated artists. Clifford’s art hangs in major collections and museums worldwide, he presented his art to the Queen, and features in numerous important publications on the Masters of Australian Art.

Michelle has been painting since a very early age, and whilst Clifford taught both his daughters technique, their styles differ considerably.  Michelle’s works are colourful and dramatic in style, depicting the dreaming stories and women’s ceremonial activities of her paternal grandmother Long Rose Nungala, combined with the bold and precise imaging of her father’s works.  Both Michelle and Gabriella joined their father in collaborative works, and carry on the legacy of the grass roots Papunya Tula art and associated cultural content.

Michelle first exhibited with her father and sister in Brisbane in 1987, and at Cooee Gallery in Sydney 1992.  Since that time, she has had huge exposure through Galleries within Australia and overseas.  Her content includes Goanna Dreaming, Bush Coconut, and other bush tucker themes, however she is best known for her beautiful Women’s Dreaming series.

 Selected Exhibitions

• Cooee Aboriginal Art

• Possum Family Paintings, Brisbane

• Desert Dreaming

• Melbourne Art Fair
• Sydney Art Fair

• Aboriginal and Oceanic Art Fair, Sydney
• Christmas Show, Australian Contemporary Aboriginal Art

• Modern Masters from an Ancient Culture
• Opening Exhibition, Aranda Art Alice Springs
• Aboriginal and Oceanic Art Fair, Sydney
• Shanghai Art Fair, China

• Shanghai Art Fair, China
• Hong Kong Cricket Club
• London Art Fair, UK

• Michelle Possum Solo Exhibition, Australia Dreaming Art, Melbourne
• Generations, Aranda Art Gallery, Melbourne

• Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi and Michelle Possum Nungurrayi, Aranda Art Gallery, Melbourne

Selected Collections
• Corrigan Collection
• Aranda Collection
• Knight Family Collection

• Johnson, V., 1994, The Dictionary of Western Desert Artists, Craftsman House, East Roseville, New South Wales. (C)


The Women’s Dreaming paintings by Michelle depicts Women’s ceremonial sites surrounding Tjukurla in the western desert of Central Australia – traditional homelands to the artist. Ceremonial sites carry a deep spiritual meaning and it is where the women narrate their sacred Aboriginal dreamtime stories, through song lines, dance cycles and body paint. This painting has many secret and sacred landmarks and iconography but also includes the important bush tucker and waterholes that are imperative to the women as the ceremonies can last for over a week. Though primarily a landscape painting Michelle has surpassed the basic stories and landmarks of her women’s ceremony, and has expanded this ancient art of body painting and ceremonial themes into a classic contemporary composition, using modern acrylic paints.

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