Nancy Nodea / Dingo Springs (1B)

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100cm x 100cm Ochre on Canvas, 2009


100cm x 100cm Ochre on Canvas, 2009


Artist Profile

Nancy was born in the bush at Buffalo Hole, Ngarrgooroon (Texas Downs) and grew up and worked on Texas Downs Station, along with many of her family members. The Kitja people who were born and/or worked on Texas Downs are among the most noteworthy of the Ochre Artists, including Queenie McKenzie (dcsd.), Hector Jandany (dcsd.), Nancy’s brother Churchill Cann, Katie Cox, Betty Carrington and Patrick Mung Mung. Nancy’s son Mark Nodea and her niece (Churchill’s daughter) Charlene Carrington are two of the most talented ochre artists the Kimberley region has produced.

Nancy began painting in 1994 with Madigan Thomas, Mabel Juli and the other female artists who were encouraged by Rover Thomas and Jack Britten. Nancy paints her country Texas Downs of which she has intimate knowledge, and invariably the landscape artwork is accompanied by a significant Traditional Dreamtime story.  Nancy attended bush school and also classes whilst at the leprosarium near Derby, and is able to include in her painting content historical themes concerning the early white settlers and her memories of the station life, as well as those stories passed on to her by her older family members.

Nancy and her brother Churchill are involved in negotiations for traditional custodianship of parts of their country, in particular Nancy’s birthplace, Buffalo Hole.  They take their children and grandchildren to Texas regularly to ensure the close association with this land will continue to inspire and encourage their family for generations.

Selected Exhibitions

– “From the ground up: Ochre work from the Kimberley”, Chapman Gallery, Canberra
– “Greetings From Turkey Creek”, Mary Place Gallery, Paddington, Sydney
– “Warda-Wurrarrem” (All Kinds of Stars), Raft Artspace, Darwin

– “Women Of Texas Downs,” Gadfly Gallery, Dalkeith, Perth
– “Warmun Art Centre Presents”, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

– “New Work From Warmun” Gladfly Gallery, Perth
– “Warmun Group Show”, Framed Gallery, Darwin,
– “Gija – Across The Border”, Raft Artspace, Darwin
– “Waterhole Country”, Short Street Gallery, Broome

– “Big Country Show”, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs
– “Women’s Figurative Show”, Short Street Gallery, Broome

– All That Gija Country, Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide
– Women Of The East Kimberley, Tandanya, Adelaide
– Recent Works From The Warmun Community, Framed Gallery, Darwin
– Thornquest Gallery, Gold Coast
– Coolmalie Culture Centre, Darwin

– Grand Opening Exhibition, Thornquest Gallery, Gold Coast
– Guildford Grammar School Art Exhibition, Perth
– Ochres, Short Street Gallery, Broome
– Guildford Grammar School Art Exhibition, Perth
– “New Paintings From Warmun Art Centre”, Fireworks Gallery, Brisbane

– Hogarth Galleries, Sydney

– Artbank
– Private and Corporate Collections within Australia and Internationally


Artwork Description

Nancy describes this part of Texas Downs as where she was born, at Buffalo Hole. The hills shown to the north are Red Butte, with the flat land coming down past Joel Springs to Buffalo Hole. These flatlands are criss-crossed by bush tracks, and the hills are small. Nancy and her brother Churchill Cann are the Traditional owners of this part of the old Texas Downs Station, where they both worked. The trees are significant, in that the tree to the north is where Nancy states she was born “in the bush – bush way”. The small rectangle at the base of the tree is “Nancy’s place”. Nancy and her late brother Churchill Cann have many Ngarrangkarni (Dreamtime) stories about their country, however she presented this work simply as a landscape merely adding that she always felt “strong” when she saw this country on her frequent visits to Texas Downs from Warmun Community where she resides.

Nancy Nodea / Dingo Springs (1B) (Sold)
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