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Naomi Pula Price / Bush Medicine Ceremony (NP66)

90cm x 60cm Acrylic on Canvas



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Naomi Pula Price is an Anmetyerre woman from Boundary Bore, around 300km North East of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. She comes from one of the most famous painting families in Australia. Her mother is prominent senior Utopian artist Anna Price Petyarre. Encouraged by her mother and other family members, Naomi is now producing excellent artworks.

Her style is similar to the early works of her mother Anna with intricate dot work telling the story of her country and ceremonies.

She is related by marriage to Emily Kame Kngwarreye (her grandfather was Michael Kngwarreye) and her Grandmother is the late Gloria (Glory) Ngale. Gloria was known for her eye for colour, a legacy of her Batik work, which she passed down to her daughters and granddaughters.

Naomi is an exciting third generation Utopian artist now making her mark on the art world.

Naomi has cleverly combined a topographical view of her country along with the ceremonial stories related to bush medicine.

Stories involving bush medicine depict the country surrounding the areas where the dreaming takes place, or where the ceremony is performed. The Bush Medicine Plant is an Australian native that grows wild in Central Australia. Women collect leaves from these plants; the leaves are boiled to extract resin. Kangaroo fat is mixed into the resin, creating a paste that can be stored for a long time in bush conditions. This medicine is used to heal cuts, wounds, bites and rashes. It is also used to treat the flu, headache, backache, upset stomach, chest pains or as an insect repellent. As the leaves and petals dry out, they fall off and are blown around by the wind. This is represented in the painting and gives it the movement.

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