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Nathania Nangala Granites / Fire Country Dreaming

46cm x 30cm Acrylic on Canvas

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46cm x 30cm Acrylic on Canvas

Artwork is accompanied by Warlukurlangu Artists (Yuendumu) Art Centre Certificate of Authenticity/Provenance

The story behind the painting
 This Dreaming belongs to Warlukurlangu, country South-West of Yuendumu, which is in the custody of Jampijinpa / Jangala subsection. An old man Lungkarda, a blue-tongued lizard ancestor, lived on hill with his two sons. The old man would feign blindness and send the two boys hunting in search of meat. While they were gone he would hunt and eat anything that he caught before they returned. One day his sons returned with a kangaroo that they had caught after much tracking. Unfortunately the kangaroo was sacred to Lungkarda, unbeknown to the boys. In his anger he decided to punish them. The next time they went out, he put his fire stick to the ground and sent a huge bush fire after them which chased them for many miles at times propelling them through the air. Although the boys beat out the flames, Lungkarda’s special magic kept the fire alive and it re-appeared out of his blue-tongued lizard hole. 


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