Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri / Nyrripi – Father’s Country (1A)


30cm x 30cm Acrylic on Canvas


30cm x 30cm Acrylic on Canvas


Artist Profile

Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri was born in Haasts Bluff c. 1945. Her language group is Walpiri/Luritja and her region Yamunturrngu (Mt. Liebig). She has led a Traditional life, growing up at Haasts Bluff, schooling at Papunya and carrying out domestic duties as a young woman. She married Jack Tjampitjinpa Pollard (deceased) and initially moved to Kintore then Mt. Liebig, where she resides today with her family and, together with Lilly Kelly Napangardi and Wentja Napaltjarri, is a Senior Artist with the Watiyawanu Artists of Mt. Liebig.

Like many of the wives of the early Papunya Tula artists, Ngoia was introduced to the art world by assisting her husband. She commenced painting in her own right in 1997. Ngoia paints her father’s country and the associated sacred Walpiri dreamings, iconography and narratives. Her works feature the distinctive oval shapes representing the swamps and lakes of the country where her father lived, hunted and passed the heritage to his daughter. Ngoia tells of the stories of this area, the dangerous nature of the land, and the ancestral story of the watersnake who lives under the harsh terrain. The images of subject matter are complimented by fine infill dotting, her works are strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Ngoia received First Prize in the Centralian Advocate Award 2004 and in 2006 won Australia’s richest and most coveted indigenous art prize – NATSIAA Telstra Award. Together with Lilly Kelly and Wentja, Ngoia has gone from strength to strength in her career, participating in major Exhibitions throughout Australia, to now become a collectable and highly sought after artist.

• 2006 Winner – NATSIAA Telstra Award
• 2004 Winner – Advocate Central Australian Award

• National Art Gallery, NSW
• National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
• Thomas Vroom Collection, Netherlands
• Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
• Artbank, Sydney


• ‘Lilly Kelly Napangardi and Ngoia Napaltjarri Pollard’, Neil Murphy Indigenous Art, Sydney
• Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

• Vivien Anderson Gallery, The Women’s Show, VIC (Selected paintings by Aboriginal women artists in celebration of their contribution to Australian and International visual arts and culture).

• AP Bond Art Gallery, Adelaide – together with Lilly Kelly Napangardi and Wentja Napaltjarri
• Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute Adelaide with Lilly Kelly Napangardi and Wentja Napaltjarri

Artwork Description

Bernadine has painted the Desert Yam (or Bush Plum) story from her family’s country. The yam grows underground with its viny shrub growing above ground up to one metre high. It is normally found on Spinifex sand plains and produces large flowers after summer rain. The yam tastes much like the common sweet potato. It can be eaten raw or cooked and is still a staple food for the desert aborigines where it can be harvested at any time of the year. It is also renowned for its medicinal properties. This medicine is used to heal cuts, wounds, bites, rashes and as an insect repellent. In this painting, Rosemary depicts the root system of the yam paying homage to the spirit of this special plant in the hope that it will regenerate.

Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri / Nyrripi – Father’s Country (1A) (Sold)
Gail Walls

Amazing. .wonderful paintings…love the stories told with each..beautiful works by all..look forward each day to see what is next to come…a big thank you to all for your beautiful pieces

Alli Lou

If there was an option to, I’d give a 100 star rating

Gheorghe Taralunga – Craiova


Katherine Chandler Ferguson – Fitzroy Crossing

I’ve not been able to visit for a while but love the work here! I think I’m due a trip with the boys soon!

Greg Ambrose-Pearce – Darwin

Seamless purchase great people to deal with would love to buy more!

Sue Candy

Just exquisite work, the detail, the colour and the stories. I’m in love with Artlandish Art!

Raye Stratford

Loving how Kirstie finds brilliant artists and shares not only the artwork, but the back story of both the piece AND the artist. You can tell she absolutely loves Aboriginal art, and she has such great rapport with the artists.

Mark Carroll – London

Best place to buy genuine, quality art from. On my 10th purchase and counting.

Hayley Beaver – London

Beautiful art work….. Love it!

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