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Petrina Dale Bedford / Wandjina and Dumbi The Owl (1A)

80cm x 70cm Acrylic on Canvas



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Petrina Bedford was born in Derby, WA in 1998 and is a third generation West Kimberley artist. Both her grandfathers – Jack Dale Mengenen (maternal) and Paddy Bedford (paternal) were celebrated Indigenous Kimberley artists (now deceased).

Petrina’s mother, Edna Dale, is a senior artist and Petrina and her mother often paint side by side. Petrina was only 12 when her first artworks were included in an exhibition at Japingka Gallery in Perth alongside the works of her mother and grandfather. An incredible achievement for such a young artist.

Petrina is the oldest of eight children to her parents Edna and Lance – seven girls and a boy. Petrina is Gija skin on her father’s side and Ngarinyin on her mother’s side. She lives with her family at Imintji Community, 230km east of Derby along the Gibb River Road, where her mother is Chairperson.

Petrina was extremely close to her late grandfather Jack Dale who encouraged her to paint from a young age. Painting allowed Jack to pass on the stories of his country which relate to the Wandjina rock art of the West Kimberley.

Now in her early twenties, Petrina is an established artist in her own right with an incredible talent and, we believe, an amazing career in front of her. Most definitely an artist to watch out for in the future.


Two kids went out walkabout and the old people said don’t hurt any living things. They came across the owl and then shot it down and took out his feathers.

They said you can’t fly and they threw the owl up and down three times then the last time, the owl went up to the sky in the clouds. The big boss Wandjina said why don’t you have any feathers? The owl said they took my feathers out. So the big boss Wandjina made a big rain and the kids ran up the hills and found a boab tree with a hole in it. So the kids went in and the boab tree closed up and the kids were trapped. They’re still inside to this day. The moral of the story is be kind, to animals, to every living thing.

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