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Sade Carrington / Kangaroo Dreaming (1A)

40cm x 30cm Ochre on Canvas

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Sade was born Texas Downs Station, East Kimberley in 1957.  Sade was sent to school at Beagle Bay when she was four, then to Perth to complete her education.  She worked in the homestead at Texas until 1980, when she joined her relatives at Warmun (Turkey Creek).  Sade had married Churchill Cann, then head stockman at Texas and now an Internationally known Artist.  They have three children – Dolorosa, Glen and Charlene – Charlene is now an International Artist in her own right.

Sade travelled extensively with her art, both throughout Australia and overseas.  In 1988 she was invited to present her painting to the Duchess of Kent during Her Highness’ visit to Adelaide.  Sade has exhibited in London and The Netherlands and was invited to stay for six months at Galleries in Holland to demonstrate her technique in ochre painting.  There, she exhibited successfully against artists in all mediums.  On returning to Australia, her daughter Myria (named after Sade’s mother Betty Carrington) was born in Darwin where she still lives with her French father.

Her fondest childhood memories are those of accompanying her father, Beerbee Mungnari, and the late Henry Wambini and Jack Britten on their painting expeditions.  In those days women and children were not taken to paint in the Bungles, but Jack would say “Let her come – she’s no trouble”.



• ‘The Women of Warmun: Ten years on’, Gadfly Gallery, Perth, WA

• ‘New Voices in Gija Art’, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne, VIC


• ‘Dog Dreamings’, Seva Frangos Art, Perth, WA

• ‘Ochre, Brushes, Canvas: new work from Warmun’, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney, NSW

• ‘Warmun Snapshot’, Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin, NT


• Australian Heritage Commission’s 5th National Heritage Art Award, Canberra, ACT


• “World Heritage Exhibition”, Canberra

• Sixteenth National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT


• “Kids of Warmun”, Tandanya Gallery, Adelaide – Special Guest


• Dreaming Exhibition, Arnhem, Netherlands

• Boomerang Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

• Contemporary Australian & Aboriginal Artists Exhibition, Immaculate Gallery, Amsterdam , Netherlands

• Women’s Dreaming Exhibition, London, UK

• Raintree Gallery, Darwin, NT

• Fourteenth National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT



• Third prize – Open Category, Darwin Art Awards


• Special Commendation, Canningvale, WA

In the Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming) there were two kangaroos – Jallangngenung, a grey kangaroo with short arms, and Jirrgan, a big red kangaroo with long arms. They had collected Kirring (sugarbag, wild honey) from holes in the hills. Jirrgan was greedy and using his long arms to dig out the Kirring, he ate it all up. This made Jallangngenung wild with anger. Both kangaroos grabbed their nulla nullas (fighting sticks) and had a big fight. Jirrgan, the greedy one, won the fight and Jallangngenung ran away. As he ran away he threw his nulla nulla behind him, which became his tail. Jirrgan did the same thing. Jallangngenung said to Jirrgan – “I’m going to live in the hills, surrounded by spinifex, where are you going to live?” Jirrgan, the greedy one, said “I’m going to live in the black soil country (in the plains)”. That is where you see these kangaroos today and there are many kangaroos in this part of the country on Texas Downs Station.

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