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Yilpi Marks Altira / Tali (Sandhills)

150cm x 90cm Acrylic on Canvas

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Yilpi Marks was born in Ernabella in 1969. She was taught dreamtime stories by her grandparents and her parents. Her mother’s name is Tjulkiwa Atira-Atira and her father’s, Michael Atira-Atira (deceased). Both parents being very talented artists have their artworks held by the State Gallery of South Australia and the NGA.

Yilpi married the highly talented artist, Damian Marks and they lived in Damien’s country (Haasts Bluff) near Papunya before moving to South Australia. Together they often paint the ceremonies conducted by their people. Their paintings detail the ceremonial body paint designs, the ceremonial tools and other bodily adornments. They paint in a method typical of the Western Desert painters using dots to construct intimate knowledge the landscape, painted from an aerial view.

Yilpi and Damien now reside in Alice Springs and paint together regularly.

The painting depicts a topography of sand hills, referring to the country of Haasts Bluff (west of Alice Springs) in Central Australia. Illustrated through meticulous lines, it conveys the moving force of wind and rain that has effect upon the red desert sand hills and its surroundings.

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