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The business that this website represents is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and further to that the state laws of Western Australia. We will do everything we can to always comply with these laws and regulations first and foremost.


International Laws

Additionally, there are other countries that have different laws regarding data and they ask anyone who does business with their citizens to comply with their laws. For example, the EU with the GDPR. 


3rd Party Partners

Further to that there are 3rd party partners we work with who also require we meet certain objectives to continue a business relationship. Two examples are Google and Facebook.


Privacy Policies

The privacy policy and terms for this website are based on the local laws of Australia. 

We have added a dedicated privacy policy for our EU clients.


Data Management Dashboard

We have also implemented a data management dashboard that allows you to request a copy of your data that we hold, to make alterations to it (update email address etc.) or request that the data be removed altogether.


Whilst these laws only apply to the EU and are not enforceable in Australia, we have taken the proactive step of complying with the EU Parliaments new regulation and we are also giving access to not only EU citizens but to all our clients and subscribers worldwide.

We wish to show that we are completely transparent in what we do and dedicated to providing you with exceptional service as well as a right to your privacy.


Access To These Features

Below you will find our privacy data dashboard where you can request your data, makes changes or request deletion.

You will also find links to our various privacy related documentation.

You are also free to contact us directly at any time if you have any questions or queries.



In closing, Artlandish will never sell or take advantage unfairly of any data that you entrust us with. We will only ever use it to improve your experience and to deliver more relevant information and offers to you.

We only ever email our subscribers a few times a year when we have major sales or competition giveaways or have information we believe you will appreciate.

Thank you for your time.



Scott Linklater
Director / Data Protection Officer
Artlandish Pty Ltd.

Data Privacy Dashboard 

Data Access Request

Request a copy of the data we have about you. An email will be sent to you with the data after it’s generated.

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Forget Data Request

Select what you wish to be forgotten. You’ll be notified by email once it’s done.

Your comments on various posts

Articles & posts written by you

Your user data recorded in database.

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Rectify Data Request

Your comments on various posts

Articles & posts written by you

Your user data recorded in database.

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