Sarrita King – Waterhole By Cora Puttick

The Waterhole, aboriginal artwork by Sarrita King is my favourite because it looks a bit like a spirally optical illusion. I love the colours Sarrtia used. She used blue yellow and a bit of aqua.

King paints the natural waterholes that she remembers from traveling in the middle of Australia in a town called Alice Springs. She also got some ideas from when she went to Katherine.

Aboriginals today talk of where the waterholes used to be and a lot of the waterholes have dried out during and from droughts. Sarita went to see the waterholes with her father, as she saw many of the waterholes were dried up, and that is the kind of waterholes she paints.

Sarrita was born in Adelaide South Australia, on the 5th of March 1988. She is a younger sister to artist, Tarisse King She is a daughter of the late highly regarded artist William King Jungala. She lived from 1988-2007.

Sarritas father is part of the Gurindji Tribe from the Northern Territory. The Gurindji tribe came to public in the 1960s and 1970s Sarrita spent most of her youth growing up in Darwin which is in the Northern Territory.

Sarrita has been painting since she was 16 years of age. She paints the environmental things such as rolling sand hills, thunderstorms and lightning dancing across the sky. Rain, fire, deserts and tangled bushes.

Sarrita uses traditional Aboriginal techniques like dots but she also includes unorthodox techniques inherited from her late father. As well as self-developed practice.

Sarrita has been included in over 30 exhibitions, is represented in art galleries in every single Australian state, pretty amazing!! She was also included in a lot of high profile Australian and International art collections. Sarrita also had been auctioned several times successfully through to Paris Curial Auction House.

After 3 years of painting and livind in Canberra, Sarrita has came back to Darwin (where she spent most of her childhood growing up.) At only the age of 27 Sarrita King has a lot of personal achievements.

And that is why the Waterhole by Sarrita King is my favourite Aboriginal Artwork of all!!!

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