Ronnie Tjampitjinpa

Hi today I’m going to tell you about my favourite artist and his name is Ronnie Tjampitjinpa and he is a really good artist to me.


When he has shape in his artwork he uses lines to form his shapes. The shape he uses in my favourite painting of mine is square. When his squares get smaller he changes the colours of the squares. It is a very stunning and radical effect. The squares on my favourite art are kind of the same shape as the page and the squares work quite well on this painting.


Ronnie uses a lot of lines in his art works including the one at the top is my favourite art. I like the lines in his artwork because it gives it a bit of a flow. When he uses lines he uses it in his shapes like what I said in the other paragraph. He uses lines in his art works and really looks good in his art work and that’s why I like him.

Thank you for reading this text about my favourite artist this is how you pronounce his last name t/jam/pit/jin/pa by Dylan.

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