My favourite Aboriginal artist


The topic I have chosen is: ‘My favourite Aboriginal artist is and why?’

The artist that I have chosen is Albert Namatjira because I like his style of art work. He used water colour paints to create his work.

Albert was born on 28th of July 1902. He was a household name and a lot of people had and still have his artwork on their walls. He grew up on a mission. Albert showed a great interest in art and when he met a western artist named Rex Batterbee, it was Rex who taught Albert how to paint using water colour paints and techniques. He was inspired by Rex and had a unique painting career.  But I think he had a natural talent.

My favourite things about his paintings are that they look real, they are outstanding and his styles of landscape are different to other types of more traditional Aboriginal artworks.

His artworks are in all in Australian State Art Galleries. He married his wife Rubina at the age of 18.

The names of some of his famous art work are:

  • Ghost Gum
  • Mount Connor
  • Gums in the George
  • Waterhole and Ghost Gum
  • MacDonnell Range
  • Mt Hermannsburg

During this research I have looked at lots of his artwork and I have discovered that his artwork is a lot different to all Aboriginal traditional artwork, and that’s what I like about it. I also like that he puts a lot of shadows from the sun to make it look realistic.

Albert died on the 8th of August 1959 of pneumonia, he was 57 years old when he died.

Albert’s work has inspired others to paint like his children and his grandchildren.
 By Tahlia D

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