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Aboriginal Art of The Kimberley

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Jock Mosquito / Flora Valley Way

SKU: 10861
140cm x 200cm Ochre on Canvas
$8,500.00 $6,500.00

Jack Dale Mengenen / Waderi Boss Wandjina from Iondra

SKU: NM1753
134cm x 150cm Ochre and Acrylic on Canvas, 2007

Rusty Peters / Rocky River Country

SKU: 12092
90cm x 120cm Ochre on Canvas, 2008

Freddie Timms / Jackie’s Gorge (1A)

SKU: FT463
90cm x 120cm Ochre on Canvas, 2013

Jack Britten / Kalruny

SKU: JB-1999
90cm x 120cm Ochre on Canvas, 1999

Hector Jandaloo Jandany / Calvary

SKU: 10931
100cm x 138cm Ochre on Canvas, 1994
$12,000.00 $8,500.00

Lily Karadada / Rainmaker Wandjina and Gwion Gwions (1A)

SKU: 10871
120cm x 180cm Ochre on Canvas, 2005

Freddie Timms / Mud Springs (1B)

120cm x 180cm Acrylic on Linen, 2015

Freddie Timms / Bedford Downs (1A)

SKU: FT460
120cm x 180cm Ochre on Canvas, 2010
About Kimberley Aboriginal Art - Click To Expand

Kimberley Aboriginal Art is defined by the area where the artists reside and the land that they paint which is known as The Kimberley. It’s located in the northern part of Western Australia and stretches the entire length of the state in an area 3 times the size of England.

What is unique about Indigenous art from this area is the majority of artworks are painted using natural ochre pigments rather than acrylic paints. 

The ochre pigments are often dug from the ground and then mixed by the artists to create incredible earthy colours. Ochre artworks are often thick and crusty with a rough finish that is clearly visible giving the art a very unique look.

Ochre artworks must be shipped already stretched as they will crack if rolled and placed into a tube. The ochre used in these artworks is the same type of ochre that indigenous people have used on rock art in caves and as body paint for ceremonials for tens of thousands of years. 

The amazing earthy colours, thick crusty finish along with the unique topographical painting styles make these artworks truly authentic to the culture and history of the indigenous people.