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The Secret To “Buy Now Pay Later” Without Getting Hit By High Interest Repayments!


Why doesn’t everyone use Interest free offers?

Well many people who’ve used it realised once they did the sums that they paid back far more than the actual original price. 


The Sneaky Trick Finance Companies Use To Get More $$$ From You


Finance companies use a very simple trick to increase the odds of this happening.

What they do is offer you an interest free period (say 12 months) and then they send you an invoice each month with an amount you are to pay back. You pay the invoice each month and everything is fine for a while.

The problem is, the amount they ask you to pay each month does not clear the debt within the interest free period. So once that interest free period is over, you still owe money and they now add on 20% or more in interest charges.

Now you’re paying the monthly fee + 20% interest until it is paid off completely.

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Here’s How To Beat Them At Their Own Game


You take the value of the goods you are getting interest free and you divide that amount by the number of interest free months you get.

So if your items including the establishment fee are valued at $3,099 and you have 12 months interest free you take 3099 ÷ 12 = 258.25

If your items are valued at $1800 (+ $25 establishment fee) and you have 6 months interest free you take 1825 ÷ 6 = 304.17

The number you get after dividing is the minimum amount you pay back monthly regardless of what the invoice they send you says.

If you follow this formula you will have paid the item off by the time the interest free period ends & you will avoid the high interest fees they charge. It’s that simple!

Please remember this if you decide to take advantage of the interest free offer we have through zipMoney! 


Aboriginal Art Today, With Up to 12 months To Pay


Artlandish has an arrangement with zipMoney that gives you the opportunity to pay for your purchases with flexible monthly payment plans.

Please note: This is only available to residents of Australia at this time.

What is zipMoney?

zipMoney is a safe, simple and convenient way to pay for your purchase over time. It provides you with the flexibility to buy today and pay later on an interest-free payment plan.


How zipMoney works

Get pre-approved for the artwork(s) you wish to acquire or select the artwork(s), checkout & get approved within minutes in real time.

zipMoney pays Artlandish on your behalf

You pay zipMoney in monthly Instalments. Purchases under $2,000 = 6 months Interest free Purchases $2k – $5k = 12 months Interest free


Are There Any Fees? How Many Months Interest Free?


  • No deposit, so nothing to pay today
  • A one off establishment fee may apply depending on the amount you wish to receive. Don’t worry this is added to your interest free balance. Please see the table below for details.
  • Minimum monthly payments apply.
  • An interest free period after which interest will accrue at the standard annual percentage rate.
  • A small monthly admin fee of $4.95 (only payable if a balance is owing)

To view artworks click on a category below.
To see instructions on how to use zipMoney at checkout click here or for instructions on pre-approval, click here or scroll down the page


Get Pre Approved Now

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Choose Your Artwork

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Who can apply


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be an Australian citizen or a resident
  • Must be employed in some capacity
  • Self employed is allowed
  • If in doubt apply as you’ll most likely be ok


How do i get approved?


During Checkout:

1. Find the artwork you wish to acquire, then click the green “Use zipMoney” button towards the bottom right of the individual artwork page.


zipMoney Button


2. Fill in the details on the checkout page.

Then click the green “Proceed to zipMoney” button at the bottom left of the checkout page.
zipMoney Button
3. Follow the steps in the zipMoney process for approval (should take 2-5 mins) and then you will be returned to the Artlandish website.

Once approved and you accept the terms and conditions, zipMoney will pay Artlandish on your behalf and your order will be processed and shipped within 24 hours.


For Pre-Approval:


1. Click one of the blue “Apply Now” buttons on this page. Create a zipMoney account & follow the instructions given.


2. Apply for an amount that will cover the value of the artwork(s) you wish to acquire.


3. Once approved choose the artwork you wish to acquire on the Artlandish site and click the green “use zipMoney” button.


zipMoney Button

4. Fill out your details on the checkout page and then click “Proceed to zipMoney” and confirm your order.

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What else should I know?


Although zipMoney’s interest free plan allows you to shop today without paying anything upfront – it is a loan and must be paid back. Failure to do so could affect your future credit rating.


zipMoney’s payment plans are interest free for up to 12 months, but please be aware that interest will start to accrue after the interest free period. You can see your interest free balance, how long it is estimated to take to repay the loan and change your payment schedule in your digital wallet.

What about purchases totalling more than $5,000?


You can still make a purchase above $5,000 and use zipMoney. If for instance the artwork you wish to buy is $6,500, you can checkout using zipMoney and you will apply for the $5,000 limit.

Once approved you will then be given the opportunity to pay back $5,000 of the $6,500 artwork via zipMoney’s instalment payments with 12 months interest free and you will be required to pay$1,599 upfront to cover the difference. 

The $1,599 is made up of the $1,500 difference between the price of the artwork and the $5,000 limit available with zipMoney + the $99 establishment fee which would usually be absorbed into the monthly zipMoney payments but as you are being given the maximum amount of credit, in this instance it will need to be paid up front along with the difference in price.


Get Pre Approved Now

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Where can I find out more?


Call zipMoney on (02) 8294 2345
Email zipMoney at .



Terms and Conditions

Available to approved applicants only. Minimum monthly repayments are required, see your contract for details. Paying only the minimum monthly repayment amount will not pay out the purchase within the interest free period. Any balance outstanding at the expiry of the interest free period will be charged interest at the standard annual percentage rate, currently 23.9%. A one off establishment fee applies, see your contract for details. A Monthly Account Service Fee of $4.95 (when balance owing) apply. Terms & Conditions apply and are available on application. Credit provided by zipMoney Payments Pty Limited (ABN 58 164 440 993, Australian Credit Licence Number 441878). Visit to find out more.


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