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There are dozens of great reasons why you should own a stunning piece of Australian Aboriginal Art, especially if you buy it from us! 😉

But seriously. if you are reading this then chances are you have some intertest in art and you maybe asking the question, why would  i want to acquire an Aboriginal Artwork?

Well, there are many reasons why acquiring a piece of Aboriginal Art is a good move, here’s our top ten!


10. Cultural Connection:

Australian Aboriginal art allows you to connect with one of the oldest continuous cultures in the world, dating back more than 60,000 years. By purchasing this unique art form, you are celebrating and acknowledging the rich history and heritage of Indigenous Australians.

9. Storytelling:

Aboriginal art often tells stories of the Dreamtime, ancestral beings, and the natural world, with each piece offering a unique narrative. Owning such a piece can spark curiosity and conversation, as well as deepen your understanding of Indigenous Australian culture.

8. Conversation Starter:

Owning an Australian Aboriginal artwork not only adds beauty to your space but also serves as a conversation starter with guests, allowing you to share the story behind the piece, the artist, and the culture it represents. This fosters an appreciation for the rich history and significance of Aboriginal art, while also raising awareness about Indigenous Australian culture.

7. Supporting Indigenous Communities:

Purchasing Aboriginal art can contribute to the economic sustainability and empowerment of Indigenous communities, as well as provide support for individual artists and their families. Artlandish has invested well over 3 million dollars back into local communities by providing opportunities to Indigenous people that would not normally be available in remote areas.

6. Preserving Tradition:

By investing in Aboriginal art, you are playing a role in preserving and promoting the ancient techniques, materials, and stories that have been passed down through many generations.

5. The Artists:

Not only are First Nations Artists immensely talented, they have the most amazing life stories and incredible knowledge of their culture, family, traditions and land. Indigenous artists look and see the world in a unique way that allows them to simultaneously create stunning artworks that tell a unique story whilst sharing their rich culture.

4. Ethical Art:

When purchased through reputable galleries and organizations, Aboriginal art supports ethical practices, ensuring that the artists are fairly compensated and their cultural rights are respected.

Artlandish is a member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia (AAAA) and an original signatory of the Indigenous Art Code.

Members must comply with a strict code of conduct designed to protect both artists and consumers and promote the ethical sale of Aboriginal Art.

3. Diversity:

The variety of styles, techniques, and subject matter found in Aboriginal art means there is something to suit every taste, from intricate dot paintings to bold contemporary pieces. From artworks on bark to thick crusty ochre on linen, the diversity in Aboriginal Art means you will never be bored by what is available to acquire or admire.

2. Spiritual Connection:

Many Aboriginal artworks carry spiritual significance, often representing ancestral beings, creation stories, and connections to the land. Owning such a piece can create a deeper sense of spirituality and connection to the rich cultural heritage and wisdom of Indigenous Australians, inspiring reflection and reverence for the world around us.

1. Aesthetics:

The distinctive visual language of Australian Aboriginal art, with its vibrant colours, patterns, and symbols, can add a striking and beautiful element to your home or office. These works are both captivating and timeless and everyone that views Aboriginal Art always finds that piece that to them, is simply stunning!

With over 700 artworks to view online, Artlandish has that “stunning” piece for you just waiting to be uncovered. If you’d like to view an amazing range of truly beautiful artworks and see if you agree with our top ten, please click the image below to view our online gallery!


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