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Welcome to the Artlandish Dreamtime Aboriginal Art Library where you will find articles containing a vast amount of information on Aboriginal Art and Indigenous culture! With more than 40,000 years of history, Aboriginal Art and culture is so diverse that you’ll find information on an almost endless range of topics.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about the oldest continuous culture in the world and the amazing art they create!


The Story of Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal culture & art dates back as far as 40,000 to 60,000 years. It’s a truly fascinating story worth hearing!

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Aboriginal Art Styles

With incredible levels of diversity from one area to another, there’s much to explore within Indigenous art styles.

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Aboriginal Dreamtime

Dreamtime is a commonly used term for describing important features of Aboriginal spiritual beliefs & existence.

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Aboriginal Dot Art

Dot paintings are now internationally recognised as unique & integral to Australian Aboriginal Art. We take a look behind the dots & get the real story.

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Aboriginal Bush Leaves Art

Admirers of the medicine bush leaf paintings often observe their mesmerizing attraction & how the paintings appear to be in motion

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Investing in Aboriginal Art

The Australian Aboriginal Art market has seem some wild highs and lows over the last two decades. But does this effect the average collector?

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Symbols in Indigenous Art

First Nations People have no written language so they use symbols & icons to convey important cultural stories.

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Western Desert Art

The heart of the Aboriginal Art Movement & home to many of the leading Indigenous Artists.

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Dreamtime Stories

Understanding Aboriginal Dreaming and the Dreamtime. We take a further look at the complex topic.

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Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent is an immortal being in Aboriginal Mythology.

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Aboriginal Art Facts

A collection of interesting facts related to the Aboriginal Art Industry

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Aboriginal Body Painting Art

A look at how body paint plays an important role in traditional Aboriginal life



Aboriginal Ceremonies

Aboriginal ceremonies & their importance to many Indigenous people’s culture.

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10 most expensive Aboriginal Artworks ever sold at auction

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Art Valuations

List of approved valuers of art & artifacts throughout Australia

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Investing in Indigenous Art

Our answer to the question, “So what do you look for?“

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Ochre & Acrylic Paints

How these different mediums are used in Aboriginal Art

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The King Family

Amazingly Talented Family of Indigenous Artists

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Culture & Heritage

The Importance of Handing it Down

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Mimi Spirits

In Indigenous Aboriginal People’s Culture

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How Indigenous Artists

Are Paid For Their Artworks

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How To Hang Aboriginal Art

Is there a right and a wrong way to hang Aboriginal Art?

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Bringing Happiness

Into your Life, Home & Workspace through Aboriginal Art

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Aboriginal Languages

A brief introduction & look at Aboriginal Languages

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10 Reasons To Own Aboriginal Art

There’s 100’s of reasons, here is our Top 10

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Commercialisation & Global Appeal of Aboriginal Art

How do we strike a balance?

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Discovering Australian Aboriginal Art

A 50,000 Year Old Tale of Culture

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Top 10 Must-Visit Art Destinations in Australia

This should be a top 100 list

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Indigenous Designs in Fashion

A Cultural Renaissance on the Runway

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Psychological Impact of Aboriginal Art

on Well-being and Spirituality

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Additional Articles:

Aerial Perspectives in Art: The Unique Top-Down Viewpoint Often Used in Indigenous Artworks

The Spiritual Connection: The Intimate Link Between the Land, the People, and Their Art

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions about Aboriginal Art

Wisdom and Cultural Abundance of Aboriginal Traditions


Deep Dive Aboriginal Art

In this section of the library we will take a deep dive into all aspects of Aboriginal Art, from the topics that are consumed by Aboriginal Art to those it just gently touches upon.

This is an ongoing work in progress starting in November 2023. Check back often as we expand and update this most comprehensive look at amazing Aboriginal Art.

Click the headings below to view the individual articles found in each category. If they can’t be clicked, that section will be dropping here soon!

  1. History and Origins:

    • Early rock paintings
    • Introduction to bark paintings
    • Modern day Aboriginal Art
  2. Types of Aboriginal Art:

    • 1. Rock Art and Petroglyphs
      2. Bark Paintings
      3. Dot Paintings
      4. Body Art
      5. Sand Paintings
      6. Carvings and Sculptures
      7. Woven Art
      8. Contemporary Media Art
      9. Printmaking
      10. Performance Art
      11. Ochre Art
      12. Acrylic Art
      13 Bradshaw Art
      14 Wandjina Art
      15 X-ray Art
      16 Medicine Leaves


To be continued………………..


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