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Joylene Reid Napangardi / Women’s Ceremony (2A)

30cm x 30cm Acrylic on Linen



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Joylene Reid Napangardi is a Pintupi woman from Tjiturulnga Walungurru (Kintore), and area to the west of Alice Springs.  The Pintupi people were the last of the Aboriginal tribes to be located by the European settlers. It is for this reason that many of the designs relate to strong tribal issues that remain important to the Pintupi artists.Coming from an artistic lineage, Joylene’s parents are senior artists Walangkura Napurrula and Kalara Tjapangarti.After growing up at the Ikuntji settlement of Haasts Bluff, in 1981 she returned from the community to Tjukurla and eventually settled in Kintore with her husband and children.


Joylene Reid Napangardi paints the story and designs associated with the Women’s Tingari Ceremonies of the Western Desert between the communities of Kintore and Kiwirkurra.

These involve song, dance and body decoration, carrying a deep spiritual significance to Aboriginal people. The Dreams narrate traditional stories associated with the travels of their female ancestors. These dream-times represent the journeys of groups of women of all ages to celebrate gathering food and women’s initiations.

Joylene’s choice of colours usually represent the more traditional pigments used for ground designs and body decoration. Her sense of design and movement shows the close association between painted images and the physical landscape.

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