By Chelsy Hainsworth

My favourite aboriginal artwork is Circle of Life by Paula Walker. It is a series of artworks that has a type of colour for each painting. As an example is there’s orange, brown, pink, black and white or light blue, dark blue, purple, white and black. My favourite art is circle of life art of circles.


Paula Walker is also my favourite aboriginal artist. She has her own unique way of expressing her emotions and how she feels. She is a very intelligent and creative artist. Most of her art works are not for sale.


Circle of life is a style of dot paint so it’s kind of like a circle around circle painting. The type of artwork that she created that I liked is a 60×50 acrylic on linen artwork. The one thing that caught my eye was how powerful the colours are and extraordinary effort into her work.


“You can only become a full circle in growing your awareness of its symbolic importance.”


This is a quote inspirational quote by Paula Walker.


What I like in this painting is how the blues blend into purple. I like how it is symmetrical it makes the painting look neat and perfect. It just has that touch from how the colours are and how it is well balanced.


I would love this painting hanging in my bedroom so I could look at it every day.

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