Aboriginal Artist Tommy Crow


I like Tommy Crow’s because his art is creative, the colours he used fit perfectly and it looks like his art has a meaning behind it.

His art has colours that are very natural to the outback. He also drew Aboriginal men in a very different way which is very interesting. It also looks like he put in really good effort and gets very artistic in his work.

This art is his signature style; he uses warm colours for sunsets and cool colours for sunrise. His artworks make me feel relaxed because of the colours he uses and the way he sets it out.

His artwork really shows the aboriginal culture and not only his artwork is there for us to look but also means something for indigenous people. They also have Australian animals at the background.

The people in his artwork are holding spears and going around the fire like what aboriginal people do. In the painting it looks like a family having a connection, his artwork is amazing and very inspiring.  

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