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Found Your Favourite Aboriginal Artwork But Can’t Acquire Right Now?

Worried Someone Else Might Buy It Before You Can? Now It’s Easy To Secure It Today!

If you’ve found the perfect Aboriginal Painting on the Artlandish website that you’ve fallen in LOVE with you’d be all too aware there may be others out there that feel the same way about it as you do. If it’s a popular piece, chances are it probably won’t be long before someone buys it
Those odds increase dramatically if the artwork was posted on our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages as it then may have been viewed by 50,000 to 100,000 people or more within a few days. 
Just look at the questions we get online all the time! And the answer is almost always the same, “sorry that piece has SOLD! Unfortunately, it happens all the time.


Facebook comments re buying art

Facebook comments re buying art

Facebook comments re buying art

So what can you do if you fall in love with an artwork that you can’t acquire right now? 
Well we have some GOOD news! You now have multiple options available to ensure that beautiful piece of Aboriginal art is hanging on your wall, and not someone else’s!
Option 1: Lay-by (Available to customers anywhere in the world)
Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery offers a Lay-by / Layaway payment program to assist customers in obtaining that special piece.
We realise that sometimes “right now” isn’t the ideal time to make a purchase but the thought of missing out on that one of a kind Aboriginal painting makes it difficult to say no.
Well now you can have the best of both worlds with our simple payment program that allows you to obtain that favourite piece of art without breaking the bank.
Customers can take advantage of our option to pay the Aboriginal artwork off over a number of months without the risk that the piece may be sold in the meantime. 
This gives you complete flexibility and enables you to relax knowing that you have plenty of time to pay for your favourite painting. 
All you need to do is select from our flexible plans over 1, 6 or 12 months and pay a 20% deposit and you’ll secure your artwork ensuring it isn’t sold before you can purchase. 
Once the balance is paid the artwork is immediately shipped to you. We don’t charge any interest over that time period either. 
Lay-by information

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Option 2: Buy Now Pay Later (Currently Available To Australian Residents Only) 

Own Now pay later


This latest payment system known as “Buy Now Pay Later” is an excellent way to secure your favourite artwork & stop someone else from acquiring the one you want…….as long as you are very clear on how it works and you are confident you can follow the steps outlined below. 


Not only can you secure your artwork today with no upfront payment, you have the opportunity to pay it off over 6 or 12 months INTEREST FREE! 


The biggest advantage with this system is you get the artwork immediately. There is no need to wait until the repayments have been made.

How zipMoney works

Get pre-approved for the artwork(s) you wish to acquire or select the artwork(s), checkout & get approved within minutes in real time.

zipMoney pays Artlandish on your behalf

You pay zipMoney in monthly Instalments. Purchases under $2,000 = 6 months Interest free Purchases $2k – $5k = 12 months Interest free

You pay Zip in monthly Instalments.
Purchases under $2,000 = 6 months Interest free
Purchases $2k – $5k = 12 months Interest free

The biggest disadvantage with this system is the potential to pay interest fee charges if you fail to pay back the amount in the specified timeframe. 


There’s a very simple way to stop this from occurring and if you can follow this then you get to secure your favourite artwork and pay it off over 6-12 months and never pay any interest or any fees at all! Read on…………… 

The Secret To Using “Buy Now Pay Later” Offers Without Paying Interest Or Fees!

The Sneaky Trick Finance Companies Use To Get You To Pay More!

Finance companies use a simple trick to increase the chance that you will end up paying interest and other fees on “interest free buy now pay later” offers. 


What they do is offer you an interest free period (say 12 months) and then they send you an invoice each month with an amount you are to pay back. You pay the invoice each month and everything is fine for a while. 


The problem is, the amount they ask you to pay each month does not clear the debt within the interest free period. So once that interest free period is over, you still owe money and they now add on 20% or more in interest charges. 


Now you’re paying the monthly fee + 20% interest until it is paid off completely.


Aboriginal Art in the bedroom


Here’s How To Beat Them At Their Own Game & Pay Zero Interest!


You take the value of the goods you are getting interest free and you divide that amount by the number of interest free months you get. 


So if your items including the establishment fee are valued at $3,099 and you have 12 months interest free you take 3099 ÷ 12 = 258.25

If your items are valued at $1800 (+ $25 establishment fee) and you have 6 months interest free you take 1825 ÷ 6 = 304.17 


The number you get after dividing is the minimum amount you pay back monthly regardless of what the invoice they send you says. 


If you follow this formula you will have paid the item off by the time the interest free period ends & you will avoid the high interest fees they charge. It’s that simple! 


Please remember this if you decide to take advantage of the interest free offer we have arranged through zip!

How to use zip

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So there you have it, two ways you can secure the artwork you love today ensuring no one else gets their hands on it so you can enjoy it for many years to come. 


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


Now all you have to do i find that special Aboriginal painting that speaks to you in all the right ways. You can view all our artworks in the online gallery or choose from the categories listed above. Good luck! 

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