Why Everyone from Casual Admirers To Serious Collectors Are Flocking To Aboriginal Art


If You Like Art Then You Will Love The Story That Is Aboriginal Art!


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Aboriginal Artist Mark Nodea

Aboriginal Art is breathtakingly beautiful, intensely interesting and outside a modest number of collectors and art lovers, the hidden gem of the art world! These are bold claims I know, but in the next 3 minutes I’ll show you why if you’re a lover of art, you’ll want to own some for yourself!

Here’s just a little sample of some Aboriginal Art:


Selina Numina Napananka Aboriginal Art
Sarrita King Ancestors
Mark Nodea Buffalo Hole Texas Downs

Aboriginal art is art produced by the Indigenous people of Australia. What makes Aboriginal Art so unique is whilst it’s one of the newest art genres from a commercial stand point having only been available to the wider public since the 1970’s, the art form is one of the oldest in history dating back 65,000 years where Aboriginal Art was depicted on cave walls and rocks, through ceremonial body painting, and on tools and carvings.!

It may just be the last great art movement!


Aboriginal rock art
Aboriginal Ceremonial Dancing
Aboriginal Art on Cave Wall


65,000 Years of History in Stunning Art

The Aboriginal people have no written language so in order to convey their important cultural stories they used symbols, icons and other painting methods.

These stories (as well as verbal ones) have been passed down generation to generation for thousands of years!

Many artworks available to acquire today tell stories that are thousands of years old and have been passed down hundreds of generations!

When you own a piece of Aboriginal Art, you don’t just have something that looks stunning on your wall, you have a piece of the words oldest continuous culture and a story that’s part of their history as a people.

These stories can be ancient or from more recent times, they can be exciting, sad, simple, complex, harrowing, shocking, inspiring and everything in between!

One thing is certain, they’re all fascinating and very important to the artist who is representing their people and sharing their history and culture with the world through the stories depicted in their artworks.


Aboriginal Art: So Much More Than Just Dots

Whilst many Aboriginal paintings contain dots and they are synonymous with the style, there is so much more to Aboriginal art than just dots.

In fact, Aboriginal Art has such an incredible range of diversified styles that it would be almost impossible for someone who likes art to not find something they absolutely love!

Here are just a few of the many styles of Aboriginal Art:

Medicine Leaves
Arkeria Rose Armstrong Connection to Country
Eddie Blitner Mimi Spirits Turtle Boat
Melanie Hava Turtles into the Current in Green
Freda Price Petyarre Country
Charlene Carrington Purnululu

And there are many more!


Is Aboriginal Art Expensive?

The great thing about Aboriginal art is there truly is something for every art enthusiast with paintings starting for as little as $150 through to more than several million dollars.

This makes Aboriginal Art perfect for the casual art enthusiast looking for something nice to hang on their wall through to serious art collectors & investors looking to acquire the finest artworks available.


Fall in love with the artworks & be amazed by the stories

At Artlandish, we have over 700 artworks on display in our gallery in Kununurra in Western Australia and at least that many on our website with 50 to 100 new artworks every month!

We also have an extensive online library with a stack of articles on every aspect of Aboriginal Art.

So, there’s no shortage of artworks to browse or information to immerse yourself in. And that isn’t even counting the actual stories of the artworks that are listed with each individual artwork displayed online.


Where Do I Start?

The number one question we get from people new to the Aboriginal Art genre is, “Where do I start”?

There is so much information and so many artworks in our online gallery that it can be a little overwhelming at first.

Luckily, we can simplify the process for you in 60 seconds!

The best place to start is in our Just arrived section where you can see all types of styles of artworks.

You’ll get to see a good cross section of different styles of artworks and can start to find the styles you like.


Marlene Young Nungurrayi Womens Ceremony

View The Newest Aboriginal Artworks At Artlandish Gallery


Keep Reading For More Information……

A couple of things you should know first that will help with your discovery………..


Ochre or Acrylic: Traditional & Natural Versus Contemporary & Colourful

There are 2 main mediums for Aboriginal paintings done on canvas; ochre and acrylic.

Ochre is a natural pigment that is dug from the ground and then mixed with other natural ochres and binders to create a paint that showcases amazing earthy rich colours often in a thick crusty style that is spectacular and unique in the art world.

Ochre is what indigenous people used when sharing their stories over the last 65,000 years when painting in caves on rock walls and was also used as body paint during ceremonies and at other important gatherings.

Ochre artworks could be described as more traditional and in keeping with the methods used for thousands of years.

The vast majority of ochre artworks come from the Kimberley region in Australia.

If you like deep strong earthy colours and the traditional use of natural paints straight from the earth, then check out the ochre artworks from the Kimberley region.

Here are some examples:

Acrylic artworks are those painted using modern day synthetic paints. Whilst the paint may be new the stories can be as old as time.

Painting with acrylic has several advantages over ochre:

1. It’s far easier to work with
2. It’s more readily available.
3. It allows for more vibrant colours
4. Artworks can be rolled and easily sent in a tube
5. Allows artists to more easily innovate new styles  

For these reasons’ artworks done using acrylic paints are the most widely available in the Aboriginal Art market.

You can view hundreds of acrylic artworks in our Central and Western Desert gallery but here are some examples:

Khatija Possum Womens Dreaming

You can also view artworks by cost. This is another good way to narrow the focus down.

Please note that Artlandish offers a worldwide Lay-buy / Layaway program that allows clients to secure their favourite artwork today and pay it off over time. This ensures that no one else can buy the one you love before you can.

For Australian clients we also offer several interest free offers through Zip Money that allow you to get the painting now and pay it off over 6-12 months interest free.

Please also note that shipping and insurance on all artworks purchased online is 100% FREE Worldwide & every artwork comes with a money back guarantee and a certificate of authenticity.


We’ve only scratched the surface here but hopefully this gives you a glimpse into the wonderful world of Aboriginal Art!


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